Have you ever wondered how social media can help grow your business? You may be looking online and noticing your competitors have thousands of followers. You also may be reading article after article but are not exactly clear on the benefits for YOUR business. In this article, I’m going to break down 9 ways social media can help your company and how it can truly help to increase revenue. 

1. Social Media Increases Awareness

This one is the most obvious and the most people know already. Social media can help bring awareness about what services you offer or what products you sell. With millions of people on social media, they will see their friends commenting on the company’s pages, they will be searching through social media in order to find things to do that evening, and if you are not able to be found, you will not have them as a new customer let alone be even an option for consideration. 

For example, if you own a restaurant and a potential customer is looking for a place to eat that night, they might use the search bar and start looking for restaurants near them. If you are up-to-date on your posts and showing great pictures of your food, chances are they might choose you if they are close by! 

Another example would be if someone has “liked” or “followed” your page in the past and you continue posting, your company’s name will be in their head when they go to need that product or service again. This “top of mind” awareness is what many businesses rely on. They may not need you all the time, but you want to be an option or the answer when they do!

2. Social Media Facilitates Inquiries from Partners, Vendors, Job Applicants, and Prospects

Social media makes it easy to post inquiries to the general public. Your page can be making this a sponsored post or simply an organic post that doesn’t cost any money. Perhaps you are in a sudden need of employees, you are able to easily make a job applications section or post on any of the platforms. They can message your company directly on social media, you can give them a specific email, or you can bring them to a landing page where they can fill out more information. 

If you are looking for vendors or partners for specific events for a one-time thing or ongoing, social media makes that easy. The great news is while you are sharing this, your following is also able to see what is up and coming for your company. 

You can use social media to find partners for your business, vendors to support your business, new hires to work your business, and prospects to buy from your business. You can talk to them and they can talk to you. 

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3. Social Media Supports and Amplifies Company Culture

Social media allows your entire company to be more cohesive. Having a presence online allows your employees to tag their workplace on social media, it allows you to share their birthdays or give special shout-outs when employees are doing a great job, and it helps employees to feel more engaged and connected to you. 

Whether you are a remote or in-person team, connecting with your team members is critical to improve team happiness, reduce employee turnover, and increase productivity. Allow them to stay connected and feel pride in their work and the work of their peers. 

When you are able to tag employees and involve them in posts, this will even increase engagement. This is a great strategy to grow each social media channel to connect with their networks as well to expand your reach. 

Example Social Media Posts to Make to Support Company Culture

  1. Work Anniversaries
  2. Celebrate Birthdays
  3. New Hires & Promotions
  4. Team Building Events
  5. Team Milestones
  6. Behind the Scenes Photos
  7. Share Employee Generated Content

4. Social Media Increases Website Traffic

Did you know that social media can help with your search engine ranking? This means you are most likely to come up on search engine sites like Google if you have a popular and active social media account. Some social media sites are indexed and your posts can show up on the search engine results page (SERP) like Twitter. 

This is also true for people coming from social media to your website. Many people will look at the bio of your social media channel and want to learn more. This means that they will click on your website in order to do this. Make sure that your website is cleaned up and ready to attract business. The two of them go hand-in-hand and are sure to skyrocket sales. 

You can also make posts in your feed, add stories, post videos, and more that direct users to learn more on your website. Your website link can be added to your bio, individual posts, used in messages, or posted in comments that increase the likelihood that someone will venture outside of social media and visit your site. 

5. Social Media Boosts Sales Through Ads and Ecommerce

You are now able to sell directly on social media. As long as you have an active website, you are able to link it through to the Shop function on many social media channels including Facebook and Instagram. This is completely free and will bring even more traffic not only to your social media but also to your products and services. 

Remember how we talked about increasing web traffic and search engine rankings? This also supports driving new purchases directly onto your website or another online shopping portal that you use like Amazon. 

6. Social Media Helps Manage Your Reputation

What are people saying about your business? By managing and keeping a close eye on your social media brand you are able to see what others are saying about you. Many people love to post reviews. This is a great thing! You want to not only look at what star you are receiving in star ratings but you want to read the comments as well. This will help you understand how you can better support your customers as well as what they are enjoying about your company. There is a lot to be learned in these reviews such as language and messaging, product improvements, and team member shoutouts. 

Remember that if you get a negative review, you want to reply to it in a prompt manner. Make sure that you acknowledge the issue and ask them to reach out to you via email or phone number so you can try and find a resolution. You don’t have to accept fault or make lofty promises to refund or make it all better – but It truly helps future readers when they see you trying to make your business better and customers happy. 

Social Media Platforms to Manage to Monitor Brand Reputation

Here’s a small list of sites to monitor for small businesses. Not all of these apply to every business and there are a lot of specific niche sites to know about for each industry. Do a quick Google search for review sites for your industry to find a more relevant list for your company.

  1. Facebook
  2. Google My Business
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Yelp
  8. Better Business Bureau
  9. Capterra
  10. Indeed
  11. Trustpilot

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7. Social Media Improves Customer Service and Support

Recently, it became more popular to “tweet” someone rather than to send an email to customer service. This is because the business is even more likely to comment back and help you on social media. This means that you want someone in charge of answering questions along the way. They may write the business personally through a message on social media or they may tag you directly or write on your wall on Facebook. 

This may also help future customers understand an answer they may be looking for. This will save your employees time in the future and keep your customers happy because you have resources available (even social media conversations) that answer their questions. 

8. Social Media Provides Research Sources

Wouldn’t you love to know your audience better? Social media can do that! You are able to learn about what they like to see, what they like to click on, and what types of information they can use. You will also know what they don’t like – this is a big one. If you have a blog on your website, this will truly help you craft your upcoming content creation, launch new products or product improvements, and improve the customer experience.

9. Social Media Lets You Keep an Eye on the Competition

Having a current social media presence will help you understand your competitors better. You can use social media to see what types of deals they are running, posts they have, reputation management, engagement they have, and much more. Of course, you never want to copy them directly, but seeing their ideas may spark an idea within your business that you are able to run. 

If you see a competitor suddenly posting a lot more or being on multiple social media channels that you are not on, this may make you realize that you too should be on those because it seems to be working for them. Keeping an eye on your competition is perfect through social media. 

Social media can do many practical and useful things for your company. These 9 are only the beginning. If you are ready to learn more or take the first steps in increasing your revenue through social media, reach out and let’s chat.