Steph Hermanson, the “Data Diva”

don’t know how you found your way to my little about page, but I can honestly say that I’m glad you’re here! The world of social media has been a part of my life personally for nearly 20 years starting with chat rooms on Yahoo and AIM (Rest In Peace!). Then came the world of Myspace, Hi5, Bebo, and others that we’ve all forgotten the names of by this point.

Finally, we hit the birth of Facebook and my 1st year of college at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Back then, the only way you could get through the gates of Facebook was with a .edu email address. And since summer of 2007, I have been obsessed with Facebook. I wound up leaving the UofA after 1 year, dropping out and becoming a flight attendant for American Airlines. After lots of soul searching I found my way back to school online and obtained my Associates in Visual Communication and a Bachelor’s in Web Development.

Fun Facts


I am deaf in my right ear.

I played the alto saxophone in high school.

I have traveled to 49/50 states.

LinkedIn is my favorite social network.

I'm a proud military brat! Go Army!

Ah, web development. That’s what I thought my piece of the digital world would consist of, but life has a funny way of getting in the way of our plans, right? Through twists and turns, I made my way to a marketing associate position for a luxury real estate firm in Chicago.

From there, I absorbed as much social media marketing education as I possibly could. Which led to a Director of Marketing position (before I was even finished with that web dev degree) with a company in the Loop of Chicago.

Again, more pivots and twists, and I started my own digital operations company, Nissen Media, where I focused on social media marketing for startups and hyperlocal small businesses. That company still exists to this day but has since taken a backseat.

Now, I am the Head of Digital Operations and one of the Owners of Atomic Revenue, a revenue operations firm in St. Louis, Missouri. I develop and implement digital operations strategies for companies all over the United States along with managing our implementation team of developers, designers, social media and community managers, SEO consultants, copywriters, and content marketers.

Along with being in a career and company I absolutely adore, I speak nationally to marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital enthusiasts who want to learn more about the world of digital operations.

A friend and colleague, coined the term “Data Diva” at Social Media Marketing World 2017, after she listened to me geek out about the numbers, ROI, analytics, and KPI’s. And you know what? I kinda dig that. I am in love with the numbers, being data-driven, and having PROOF that what you are investing into marketing is working for your business.

So now you’ve gotten a deeper look into the making of me, Steph Hermanson. Of course, there’s more to know about my journey, what I do, and where I’m headed, but I think I’ll leave that for you to discover as we get to know each other.

Talk soon!

Steph Hermanson

Why I Love Lord of the Rings (LOTR)

Those of you who know me, know I love Harry Potter and LOTR. They speak to a part of me that inspires creativity and wonder. I love that LOTR is adventurous, supernatural, and other world-y. I devoured every book – the level of detail was awe-inspiring. I was heavily invested in the epic before the movies came out, and when they did, I really fell in love, mostly due to the music. I played alto saxophone and became obsessed with the soundtracks. I bought the sheet music and played the songs on my sax until I mastered them and watched every documentary on the music behind the movies. It was a series like no other and I wanted to be a part of it. Now, all the books I read are focused on business and personal development and industry education, but I will always have a soft spot for epic fantasy adventure stories.

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