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Digital Operations Consulting

If you are interested in learning about how the team at Atomic Revenue and I can help your business catapult forward with digital operations, then let’s have a conversation. I have two options:

Complimentary Revenue Operations Assessment

Many companies don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing their business. There’s so much to consider! Social media, search engine optimization, websites, email marketing, influencer marketing, and on and on – where do you begin?

Guess what? It’s not where you think.

Stop thinking tactical in marketing. Think about the outcomes you are seeking from marketing and from your business as a whole. I know what it is. You are looking for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Conversion
  • Customer Advocacy

Those 3 things make up Revenue Operations and they are the primary drivers to increasing profitable revenue. To really get into digital – we have to look at how the company drives revenue now and then fill in the gaps.

In a 30-minute call with me, I will do a revenue operations assessment of your company and provide the results to you at the end of the call. We’ll walk through what your company is currently doing in lead generation, sales conversion, and customer advocacy, what is working and not working, and where the gaps are in your current strategy.

Ready to get started? Work with me!

Dont know what you need?

Hourly Consulting - $175

If you are looking for hourly consulting, training, and digital operations support, I can work with you to fill that gap. The rate is $175 an hour and we can set up one-off projects, monthly retainers, or on-going custom packages to suit your companies needs. Book a Time With Me to Discuss.